Crown City Radio #11 – Podcast Download

Intro – Crown City Radio talks about the Super Bowl & MIA flipping the

bird. So weak!!!

1. Sunrize – Who’s Stickin It
2. Bernice Watkins – Let’s Call It A Day
3. Soopafly – This Type Of Flow

Break – Why soccer sucks, and so does Jeremy Lin.

4. Benedek feat Dam Funk – That’s My Jam
5. The Stylistics – Special
6. Murs feat. Suga Free – Let Me Talk

Break – Prop 8 was overturned, but CCR doesn’t care – they take a
stand against marriage in general.

7. Roy Ayers – Searching
8. Mack 10 – Here Comes The G
9. Ras Kass – Marinatin’

Break – Cougar talk!

10. RL feat. Snoop Dogg & Lil Kim – Do Ya Wanna Roll?

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