Crown City Radio #10 – Podcast Download

CCR is back with another week of rare funk & hip hop. You’ve gotta listen to the segment where the homie Alvig comes through to discuss his gold chain swag!

Intro – Promo for The Basement @ 72 North on 2/4/12

1. Gwen McCrae – 90% Of Me Is You
2. Starpoint – I Want You Closer
3. Sharon Redd – Can You Handle It

Break – CCR goes in on Burger King delivering & the British McNugget

4. Gino Soccio – Try It Out
5. Dr. Stank feat. WC – Put The Stank In It (Remix)
6. Clinton Wayne feat. Rev & Young Sau – Eldorado Lovin’

Break – Going in on Rev’s punk ass for not coming to record the
podcast with the homies.

7. Fatback – Is This The Future?
8. Knehi, Kavosea, Baby S – Money Journey
9. Kokane – Don’t Bite The Phunk

Break – Alvig hangs out with the CCR crew.

10. Kurupt & DJ Quik – Take It Off

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